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Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 17:50:24 -0800 From: Bobby Jakobs Subject: After School 4 "Your homework assignment is to read the story on page 109 and answer 1-5 at the end. Bobby, could I see you in my office, the rest of you, you can go when the bell rings." Bobby stood up and followed Mr. Williams into Lolita Pay Sites his office. He closed the door and pressed his back to it, looking at his teacher sitting in the office chair by his desk. He locked the door and dropped to his knees in front of his teacher. But before he could get down to sucking, Mr. Williams stopped him. "Believe it or not Bobby, that's not why I called you in here," He chuckled. "I want you to come out to my house at 6:00 PM tonight. I've got a... well let's just call it an extracurricular assignment, for you. Here's the address, don't be late," the man said, handing Bobby a piece of paper. Bobby nodded, stood up and walked toward the door. Before he reached the door, a strong hand clamped down on his shoulder. "Who said I was done with you?" Mr. Williams asked.********** Bobby checked the address on the side of the house, and the piece of paper in his hand, and knocked on the door. Soon his teacher opened it, and saw Bobby,, "Just let me grab my coat." The teacher ran back and came out a second later, throwing a jacket over his shoulders. He indicated his car, they walked down to the sidewalk and climbed in. He drove wordlessly for a couple minutes, then Bobby piped up. "So, what exactly am I doing?" "Don't go asking a bunch of questions Bobby, you'll spoil the fun." Bobby shrugged and waited for them to get wherever they were headed. Soon Mr. Williams pulled up in front of the Holiday Inn. It was one of the big hotel style ones, not a small motel. Mr. Williams turned to Bobby, and handed him a thin cardboard box. "Head up to the third floor, find a janitor's closed or something, and open this in there. You'll know what to do with it when you open it. Then go to room 322, here's the key." Bobby climbed out of the car and walked into the Lobby. He got in an elevator and pushed the button to go up to the 3rd floor. When Bobby found a janitor's closet, he glanced around to make sure nobody was looking, then stepped in and closed the door behind him. He set the box on the floor in front of him, squatted down, and opened it. Bobby grinned as he saw the contents. Bobby poked his head out of the janitor's closet, checked to see that the hallways were empty, and stepped out. He smoothed out a wrinkle in the short plaid skirt he was wearing. He shifted his shoulders in the small white blouse. Knee-high white-cotton socks ran up his legs, coming out of a pair of pink dress shoes, with a small golden buckle on the front, and a slightly raised square heel. A pink ribbon tied in his hair topped off the schoolgirl outfit perfectly. Bobby hurried off down the hall to room 322. The key slid easily into the lock, the door swung open, and Bobby stepped into a dark, apparently empty, room. But before he had taken three steps into the room, the door slammed shut behind him, and he was tackled. His attacker gripped Bobby tightly. "You've been a very bad little girl, and now Daddy is going to give you your punishment," the man hissed in an unfamiliar voice. Bobby felt the tiny lace panties ripped off his ass, and then he screamed in pain as the man buried the entire length of his cock in Bobby's ass, without warning. The man worked Bobby's ass with Lolita Pay Sites zeal, pushing the small skirt out of the way. As the hard fucking caused him to begin to heat up, Bobby did his best to play the part. He begged pitifully and writhed as his ass was violently pumped. "Daddy please no!" Bobby cried pathetically as his "Father" butt-fucked him. Bobby cried and wept as the man approached climax. "If you know what's good for you, you beg me for it you little slut, stop crying and beg your daddy to fuck you!" the man shouted. Bobby began to ask for the man to pump him harder, in a reluctant, still weepy voice. "Daddy... mmm harder daddy... *sniffle* do it harder. "Do what harder you little bitch?" "F- *sob* f-f-fuck me *sob* fuck me harder..." "Louder!" "Fuck me daddy...*sniffle* Fuck my ass!" The man grunted as he humped Bobby like a wild dog. "Daddy! it feels... it feels so- unnnnngggghhh! Oh Daddy, please do it harder. Fuck my little ass harder. I've been a bad girl, I deserve it! I deserve it Daddy, fuck me!" "You're damn right you deserve it!" "I want to be your little whore Daddy! I want to be your cum-slut! Cum in me Daddy! Please cum in my ass! I-I-I Da-DADDIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Bobby screamed as the man climaxed. The man grunted and groaned, pulling Bobby tight against him, and filled his ass with cum. The man collapsed on Bobby as he finished, and his sweaty body crushing Bobby against the carpet. Finally, he pulled his softening cock out of Bobby's fucked-out hole, and climbed to his feet. He crossed the room to the nightstand, picked up the phone, and punched a short number. "Yep... I'm done with him... Very satisfied... I will." The man then turned to Bobby, told him to wait by the elevators, and pushed him out the door. Bobby didn't even have time to grab the panties; he simply had to hope no one saw him. He rushed down the hall to the elevators, cum leaking out of his ass, and running down his leg. The elevator door opened as he stepped up to it, and Mr. Williams pulled him in. "Room 685 this time," the teacher said, handing Bobby another key and box. "Where'd you leave your clothes?" "Janitor closet next to room 340." Before Bobby could say anything more, the elevator door opened, Mr. Williams pushed him out, and hit the close door button. Bobby hurried to find another closet where he could change into whatever was in the box. This time it was a red and white cheerleader outfit from Bobby's school. The guy in room 685 made short work of the costumed boy. He made Bobby chant and cheer as his ass was reamed. "Gimme a C! Gimme a U! Gimme an M!!" Bobby chanted, waving his pom-poms as the man worked his ass. "One Two Three Four, Fuck-me-til I can't take no more! Five Six Seven Eight, Fuck my ass it feels great!" As Bobby felt the cum flooding his ass he went into a frenzy, yelling and cheering, waving his pom-poms around excitedly. When he was finished, he did almost exactly the same thing as the other guy, making a quick phone call, and then pushing the boy out into the hall. Over the next two hours, Bobby took nine loads, most in his ass, but two guys came in his mouth. He wore the schoolgirl and the cheerleader uniforms each one more time. He also wore a maid outfit, a wrestling singlet, a bunny outfit, a Ballet leotard and skirt, an outfit that Lolita Pay Sites made him look like a cheap hooker, a tiger outfit, and a little-league baseball uniform. The bunny outfit was a leather speedo, a fishnet body stalking, a puffy bunny tail on his ass, and bunny ears. The tiger outfit was like Lolita Pay Sites a women's one-piece bathing suit with tiger stripes all over it, plus ears and a tail. All of the encounters went similar to the first ones. Men, already hard and naked, dominated him, fucking him with relentless force, then came in his ass or his mouth. Bobby staggered into the elevator and Mr. Williams chuckled down at him. "Just one more room Bobby, up at the top floor, suite 5," he gave Bobby another box and key, and hurried him off down the hall. After changing, Bobby strode down the hall towards suite 5, ready for anything. He was wearing a blue and white sailor outfit, complete with a sailor hat. He unlocked and opened the door to the suite, to see a room filled with men. There must have been 25 of them inside. They cheered and pulled Bobby into the room. In no time they had his pants pulled off his ass, and his ass was being pumped. Bobby licked his lips lustily as three more guys stepped up in front of him, and he began alternating back and forth between the cocks. Soon there was a ring of guys around the horny boy. They quickly busted their nut in his ass, before passing him on to the next. They stood and jacked off, watching the sailor-dressed little boy work back and forth on cocks, sucking down load after load, while a mass of guys pumped cum into his shitter. Bobby could imagine how he looked, the pants pulled down to the middle of his thigh to allow access to his ass, the hat and shirt still on. Just a little sailor boy bent over, guys pummeling his ass, taking cock after cock down his throat. The crowd passed Bobby around for nearly an hour, packing the schoolboy's bowels with jiz, and shooting gallons of cum down his throat. He had two guys pumping their cocks up his ass at once, and four jacking off in his face. His body was completely covered in jizz. He had pumped 4 or 5 loads onto the carpet as he was gang fucked. Everyone had shot at least two loads in or on him, and now all but these 6 were exhausted. One of the guys in his ass was Mr. Williams, and two of the cocks he was sucking belonged to other teachers at his school. The two cocks in his ass were working in unison, building towards climax. Another cock burst in his mouth and he greedily sucked the cum down his throat. Bobby's head fell forward and he panted hard between moans. A science teacher from his school shouted and came in Bobby's hair. Suddenly, Bobby felt the two cocks in his ass cum at the same time, and his whole body was wracked with a huge orgasm. He could feel the hot jizz shooting into his already cum-filled asshole, and it felt like the cum had been pushed all the way through his body. He couldn't count how many loads of cum filled his ass, but the two spasming, erupting dicks were all he could take. His scream of passion filled the room, and he shot yet another load of boy-cum, then collapsed into the puddle of cum around him. The guys pulled out of his ass, and he lay on the floor, panting, cum leaking out of his fuck-hole in a steady stream, running down and forming a sticky pool between his legs. After Bobby had finally recuperated, and was getting cleaned up, Mr. Williams stepped up to him. "Well Bobby, you got an A+ on your assignment, to say the least. Oh, and one more thing," he pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket. "Here's your cut Bobby." The boy looked startled, and looked up at his teacher. "Whoah, wait just a minute! You mean I actually get PAID for this?"
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